Nikki Leigh Scott


Vorta in “The Outpost”


Nikki Leigh Scott stars as Vorta in The CW’s fantasy adventure series “The Outpost.” Vorta is the leader of a god-like race of beings awakening in the Realm, who believes that all other races are inferior, and she aims to prove it with a master plan to restore her kind and dominate the world.


Born in London, half Hungarian with Jewish ancestry and a French education, Scott’s multifaceted background perfectly informs her acting style. She continues to train in London with AMAW and is French bilingual.


Her first steps into acting were taken with Molière’s “Le Medicin Malgré Lui” at the age of 16. Her career in theatre has been extensive with roles from Regan in King Lear to Hermione in “16 Winters” at the Bristol Old Vic and Beth in “Little Women” at Sadler’s Wells.


Moving into film and television, Scott has transitioned her deep love for emboldening character through story while also working with brands like McVities and B&Q in the commercial forum.


Outside of acting, Scott’s life interests remain within the creative remit with a keen eye for photography and graphic design, most recently seen in her work with “16 days16 films.”


June 2021