Jonathan Glassner
Executive Producer


Executive Producer / Show Runner of “The Outpost”


Jonathan Glassner is an executive producer and show runner on The CW’s fantasy adventure series “The Outpost.”


Glassner is a television writer, director, and producer best known for writing, producing, and directing “Stargate SG-1,” the longest running American Sci-fi show. Prior to that, Glassner was the show runner on “The Outer Limits.” After Stargate, Glassner moved on to work as a co-executive producer, writer and director for “CSI: Miami,” and as a director for “CSI: NY.” He was co-executive producer/director on the drama “Standoff” and then the USA series, “Covert Affairs.” He then went on to be the co-executive producer of Stephen Spielberg’s series “Falling Skies.”


A graduate of Northwestern University, Jonathan Glassner has more than 450 hours of television under his belt as either a writer, producer or director.

June 2021