Jonathan Glassner
Executive Producer


Executive Producer of “The Outpost”


Jonathan Glassner is an executive producer of The CW’s fantasy adventure series “The Outpost.”


Born and raised in Roanoke, VA, Glassner is a television writer, director and producer. A graduate of Northwestern University, Glassner has more than 450 hours of television under his belt as either a writer, producer or director. He is best known for writing, producing and directing the television series “Stargate SG-1.” Prior to “Stargate SG-1,” Glassner served as showrunner on “The Outer Limits.”


Additional television credits include co-executive producer, writer and director on “CSI: Miami”; director on “CSI: New York”; co-executive producer and director on “Standoff” and “Covert Affairs.” He then went on to be co-executive producer on Stephen Spielberg’s series “Falling Skies.”











August 2020