Jessica Green


Talon in “The Outpost”


Jessica Green stars as Talon, the lone survivor of the Blackbloods and a fierce warrior, in The CW’s fantasy adventure series “The Outpost.” Witnessing the murder of her family and her entire village at a young age has given her a tough outer shell and makes her wary of trusting others. A fearless warrior, a loyal friend and an uncompromising soul, Talon’s mission of vengeance led her to the Outpost, where she finally found a place to call home and friends to call her family. She has a strong sense of justice, and a tendency to always fight for the underdog. She continues searching for answers to the questions that have always haunted her.


Australian born Green expressed interest in film and television at a young age and appeared in such films as “Peter Pan” and “Aquamarine.” She landed her first major lead role as Kiki in the series “Lightning Point.” The role required her to surf and ride horses. Green went on to film the Australian action thriller “Red Billabong,” playing the lead role of Rebecca. She also appeared in the films “Rise” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” In 2017, Green landed the iconic role of Cleopatra in the film “Roman Empire” and appeared in the series finale episode of “Ash Vs. Evil Dead.”


In 2018, after an exhaustive international search, Green landed the lead role of Talon in “The Outpost,” a fantasy adventure series. The role capitalizes on Green’s love for action with her mixed martial arts, horse riding, weapons and athletic abilities enabling her to perform many of her own stunts and thoroughly embody the strong female character. Green prides herself on her authenticity, charm and fierce dedication to her craft and aims to be an inspiring role model.

June 2021