Jake Stormoen
Captain Garret Spears


Captain Garret Spears in “The Outpost”


Jake Stormoen stars as Captain Garret Spears, the Paladin of a Knight, in The CW’s fantasy adventure series “The Outpost.”


Stormoen is an American actor and gamer whose lifelong love of Fantasy and D&D is evident in all aspects of his life and career. He has stated extensively that this means playing Garret Spears—a medieval Knight on the fan favorite CW show The Outpost—is a dream come true. In addition to the three seasons starring in “The Outpost,” Stormoen is best known for his starring roles in the “Mythica” franchise and “Extinct.”


When not filming, Stormoen often enjoys time outdoors hiking or climbing, or playing any number of both Tabletop and/or fantasy video games. In fact, in 2019 he designed and created “Storm Forged” Dice: a line of Dungeons & Dragons dice in an exclusive partnership with Die Hard Dice. After an incredibly successful launch, new designs for the line are ongoing and currently underway.























August 2020