Jake Stormoen
Captain Garret Spears


Captain Garret Spears in “The Outpost”


Jake Stormoen stars as Garret Spears, warrior and former Knight Captain, in The CW’s fantasy adventure series “The Outpost.” Garret is the Outpost’s most courageous soldier and captain, a loyal friend and devoted servant to the Realm. Garret’s love for Talon is tested as she is torn between what she wants for herself, and her responsibility to her people and the Realm. After losing his dearest friend and queen, his duty as protector of the Realm weighs heavily on him as he struggles to remain true to his calling, and to his friends.


Stormoen is an American actor and gamer whose lifelong love of fantasy and D&D is evident in all aspects of his life and career, making the role of Garret a literal dream come true.


In addition to starring in all seasons of “The Outpost,” Stormoen is best known for his starring roles in the “Mythica” fantasy franchise and the sci-fi series “Extinct,” as well as voicing numerous characters in “Elder Scrolls Online.”


When not filming, Stormoen often enjoys time outdoors hiking with his dog or climbing or playing any number of both Tabletop and/or fantasy video games. He is the creator and designer of “Storm Forged Dice,” a tabletop gaming dice company in an ongoing partnership with Die Hard Dice.


...Roll for initiative.

June 2021