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THE AFFAIR - Season 5

Season five will chronicle the aftermath of last season’s horrific events and find the characters coming to terms with the consequences of their choices – as they make the realization that if they really want to change their futures, they must first face the past. Helen (Maura Tierney) begins the season involved in an intoxicating new affair with a charismatic movie star (guest star Claes Bang), who offers to give her everything she’s been missing. Noah (Dominic West) meanwhile has to swallow his pride and his jealousy and step in to take care of his family in her absence. But just when things seem to have stabilized, a chance encounter with someone from the distant past sets in a motion a sequence of events that brings them both to their knees. Anna Paquin stars as Alison and Cole’s now adult daughter Joanie Lockhart, who returns some years in the future to piece together the truth about what happened to her mother, bringing the whole story full circle. In addition to West, Tierney and Paquin, season five series regulars include Julia Goldani Telles and Jadon Sand as Noah and Helen’s children, Whitney and Trevor Solloway; and Lathan, as Janelle, Noah’s girlfriend and the principal at the school where he teaches. New guest stars in season five include Jennifer Jason Leigh (PATRICK MELROSE), Claes Bang (The Square) and Lyriq Bent (She’s Gotta Have It), with Russell Hornsby (Fences) returning. Emily Browning, Omar Metwally, John Doman, Kathleen Chalfant, Max Fowler, Michael Braun, Abigail Dylan Harrison and Jake Siciliano will also guest star. To learn more about THE AFFAIR, visit SHO.com  and follow on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Join the conversation using #TheAffair.




Written By: Sarah Treem 

Directed By: Colin Bucksey

Noah (Dominic West) embarks on his journey with the Descent movie by getting acquainted with his star, Sasha Mann (Claes Bang). Helen (Maura Tierney) mourns a tragic event. Sierra (Emily Browning) welcomes a new arrival. Joanie (Anna Paquin) struggles with an upcoming birthday.



Written By: Jaquén Castellanos and Katie Robbins 

Directed By: Colin Bucksey

Janelle (Sanaa Lathan) struggles with her relationship and work, so turns to Carl (Russel Hornsby) for support. Production for Descent commences, and Sasha (Claes Bang) takes an interest in Helen (Maura Tierney). Helen takes her first steps towards acceptance.



Written By: Itamar Moses 

Directed By: Steven Fierberg

Sasha (Claes Bang) proposes adjustments to Noah’s (Dominic West) script. Sasha’s relationship with Helen (Maura Tierney) blossoms, and Noah takes notice. Bruce’s (John Doman) condition worsens. Joanie’s (Anna Paquin) business trip leads to violent encounters.



Written By: Donal Ward 

Directed By: Toa Frasier

Noah (Dominic West), Margaret (Kathleen Chalfant), and Stacey (Abigail Dylan Harrison) bond over their mutual distaste for Sasha (Claes Bang). Noah attempts to sabotage Helen (Maura Tierney) and Sasha’s relationship. Whitney (Julia Goldiani-Telles) and Colin (Max Fowler) face the hardships of their relationship. Whitney finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. Joanie (Anna Paquin) visits the graveyard. 



Written By: Sarah Sutherland and Jaquén Castellanos

Directed By: Silas Howard


In Montauk for work, Joanie (Anna Paquin) becomes acquainted with EJ (Michael Braun). Together, they explore Joanie’s family history, leading her to question the cause of her mother's death. Rattled, she starts to make some self-destructive decisions.


Written By:  Sarah Sutherland

Directed By: Steven Fierberg 


Noah (Dominic West) and Whitney (Julia Goldiani-Telles) travel to Montauk to begin planning the wedding. Noah gets a concerning call. Armed with new information about her mother's death, Joanie (Anna Paquin) confronts a stranger.  



Story By: David Henry Hwang & Kristina Woo

Teleplay By: Sarah Treem & Kristina Woo

Directed By: Colin Bucksey


Allegations against Noah (Dominic West) surface and he seeks guidance on how to handle the situation. Helen (Maura Tierney) celebrates a birthday and protects Sierra (Emily Browning) during an extremely trying time.   



Written By:  Katie Robbins

Directed By: Alison Anders


As controversy swirls around Noah (Dominic West), Helen (Maura Tierney) and Whitney (Julia Goldiani- Telles) must decide where their allegiances lie.  



Story By: Sarah Treem & Itamar Moses

Teleplay By: Sarah Treem & Itamar Moses, & Katie Robbins

Directed By: Toa Fraser


As wildfires threaten Los Angeles, Helen (Maura Tierney) and Noah (Dominic West) are forced to run for their lives and confront old wounds along the way. 



Written By:  Sarah Treem

Directed By: Sarah Treem


Series finale. It’s Whitney’s (Julia Goldiani-Telles) wedding day and everything comes full circle.



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