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"TRAIN WRECK" on the Dr. Phil Show

Tough questions from America's psychologist for Anna Nicole Smith's half-sister promoting her tell-all book. 

Hollywood, CA - April 9, 2007 -- Donna Hogan, the estranged half-sister of Anna Nicole Smith, made her first media appearance in support of a "tell all" book about Smith on an episode of DR. PHIL, scheduled to air Wednesday, April 11 (check your local listings). When Hogan told Dr. Phil that she wrote the book TRAIN WRECK: The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith to "set the record straight" about Smith, McGraw asked how she could do that, considering she had not seen or spoken to her sister in 12 years. McGraw also asked if it was true that the only time Hogan was in Smith's physical presence was years ago when Hogan stood in line to greet Smith at a bookstore calendar signing, which Hogan denied. The Dr. Phil show agreed to embargo the episode, which was taped weeks ago, until April 11th, the week of the book's official publication date, at the request of Hogan's publisher. But directly after the taping, Michael Viner, president of Phoenix Books, Hogan's publisher, reacting to Dr. Phil's tough questioning of Hogan regarding the book's content, asked the executive producers of DR. PHIL not to broadcast the episode.

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