Airdate: Monday, March 19th, 2007
(Airs in New York on Tuesday, March 20th at 11:30 AM on WNYW FOX 5)

New York, NY - March 19, 2007 - A special report by Inside Edition's Investigative unit, airing Monday, March 19, 2007, finds New York City restaurants overrun by rodents.

Inside Edition took to the streets of Manhattan between 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM peering their cameras and flashlights into the windows of a wide variety of eateries from fast food places to fine dining establishments. Inside Edition found many of the restaurants shared one common denominator, vermin.

The report shows rodents having the run of the place at the popular Times Square restaurant Brazil Grill. Cameras captured four rodents, at least one climbing through what appeared to be crates of clean glasses.

During business hours at the restaurant, an employee told Inside Edition the problem had been handled saying, "We don't have a problem here. The restaurant is very clean. Everything is taken care of."

Inside Edition brought its cameras back to Brazil Grill at 4:00 AM the next night and while it appeared management was trying to address the problem by pulling away rubber mats and floorboards, the restaurant was still not rodent free. Inside Edition cameras caught two rodents scurrying around the eatery's floor.

On two separate occasions Inside Edition cameras also caught rodents at a Burger King on Fifth Avenue near 36th Street, located just a block and a half away from the popular tourist attraction, The Empire State Building.

Inside Edition also found rodents at a Dunkin Donuts/KFC on Seventh Avenue at 50th street and a Dunkin Donuts on Second Avenue at 58th Street. At the Second Avenue store, Inside Edition cameras caught rodents desperately trying to reach food left in an overnight glass case.

The owner of the Second Avenue Dunkin Donuts told Inside Edition he was unaware of the problem and has pest control in the store every week. He said based on Inside Edition's findings he now plans on inspecting the store himself late at night.

In total Inside Edition witnessed rodents in a dozen Manhattan eateries including:


•· Brazil Grill, 787 8th Ave. (48th Street) (Response above)

•· Dunkin Donuts, 1093 Second Ave. (58th Street) (Response above)

•· KFC/Dunkin Donuts, 761 7th Ave. (W. 50th Street)

•· Burger King, 401 Fifth Ave. (E. 36th Street)

•· Arte Pasta, 81 Greenwich Ave. (Between Bank and West Eleventh)

•· Papaya King, 179 E. 86th Street (Third Ave)

•· Va Bene, 1589 Second Ave. (82nd Street)

•· Cosi, 498 Seventh Ave. (37th Street) (Response below)


A Spokesperson for Cosi told Inside Edition, "We take this matter seriously and have programs and procedures to maintain the highest level of safety for our guests..." The company also said they have a rigorous weekly maintenance program for every restaurant. Other restaurants contacted by Inside Edition have not yet provided comment.

Inside Edition cameras captured vermin in twelve or 11% of the 107 restaurants they visited.

Click Here to View Picture from KFC/Dunkin Donuts located at 761 7th Avenue (W. 50th Street)

Click Here to View Picture from Dunkin Donuts located at 1093 Second Avenue (58th Street)

Click Here to View Picture from Brazil Grill located at 787 8th Avenue (48th Street)