Jim Reynolds
Executive Producer, THE NEIGHBORHOOD

July 2018

Jim Reynolds began his career in television by watching way too much of it as a kid, so much so that people started calling him “Jimmy Jet,” likening him to a character from a popular children’s book who watched so much TV that he turned into one. The fact that Jim’s parents were among those who called him that probably has something to do with why he went into comedy.

After graduating from UCLA, Reynolds worked in academia, went to film school, was a leather worker, did construction and spent one day as a tooth model. He also got married and sponged significantly off his wife’s public school teacher salary.

Eventually, he got a job in television, first as a writers’ assistant, and then ultimately as a writer on such shows as “What I Like About You,” “Happy Hour,” “Samantha Who?” and THE BIG BANG THEORY, on the Network. After eight years, Reynolds left THE BIG BANG THEORY to develop his own TV shows and hopefully teach his parents that this is what happens when you make fun of your child.