Zeeko Zaki
Agent Omar Adom in FBI

Hometown: Alexandria

Birthday: January 18

July 2018

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Zeeko Zaki immigrated to the United States as a 1-month-old baby, spending summers throughout his childhood in the country of his birth. Zaki was raised outside of Philadelphia, Penn., and Wilmington, Del., and his background includes Egyptian, Syrian and Turkish ancestry.

His television credits include recurring roles on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, on the Network, “24: Legacy” “Six,” “The Night Shift” and “Valor.”

Zaki is fluent in English and Egyptian Arabic. His hobbies include physical fitness, traveling and exploring the world. He is a passionate advocate for changing the narrative in this country and abroad with respect to Arab people.

His birthday is Jan. 18. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @zeekozaki.