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THE GOOD FIGHT Season 4 Loglines

Episode 401: "The Gang Deals with Alternate Reality" (4/9/20)

Season four premiere. Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) finds herself living in an alternate reality where Donald Trump was never elected and Hillary Clinton is the current President of the United States. While Diane’s liberal self is overjoyed, she soon realizes how a different outcome of the 2016 election might have unexpected consequences.

Written by: Robert King & Michelle King

Directed by: Brooke Kennedy

Episode 402: “The Gang Tries to Serve a Subpoena” (4/16/20)

Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart attempt to adjust to their new landscape as a small subsidiary of STR Laurie, a huge multi-national law firm. Diane encounters a familiar face in court, Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox), during an eminent domain case against a large real estate developer, Rare Orchard. Lucca is given an exciting, high profile divorce case, however it comes with an unexpected partner, David Lee (Zach Grenier).

Written by: Jonathan Tolins

Directed by: Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Episode 403: “The Gang Gets a Call From HR” (4/30/20)

When DNC head Frank Landau asks Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart for help with a plan to engage African-American voters, the resulting discussion turns personal for one of the partners. Determined to sue Rare Orchard, Diane is shocked to learn that all court documents associated with the case are missing, leading her down an unexpected rabbit hole. Meanwhile, Marissa befriends Caleb Garlin (Hugh Dancy), an STR Laurie associate.

Written by: Davita Scarlett

Directed by: Tess Malone

Episode 404: “The Gang is Satirized and Doesn’t Like It” (5/7/20)

A former divorce client, Duncan Herz, seeks the firm’s help, claiming a buzzy new play running in Chicago is based on his divorce and shares specific details that unearth more than just his dirty laundry. Diane attempts to get to the heart of Memo 618 when a missing case leads her to the corporate overlords themselves, STR Laurie.

Written by: William Finkelstein

Directed by: Nelson McCormick

Episode 405: “The Gang Goes To War” (5/14/20)

Following their secret rendezvous, Liz and Caleb find themselves on a case together, defending a soldier court-martialed for sabotaging the weapon of his superior officer. Lucca accompanies her client, and newly minted friend, Bianca, on a short but sure to be memorable trip to the Caribbean.

Written by: Tegan Shohet

Directed by: James Whitmore

Episode 406: “The Gang Offends Everyone” (5/21/20)

Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart represent an Olympic hopeful who was edged out of a spot on the U.S. women's swim team due to a last minute change to the eligibility window. From racism to sex and gender constructs, the case quickly takes the firm into rough waters. Meanwhile, Adrian is approached by the DNC with a compelling offer and Diane and Julius unite to track down Memo 618.

Written by: Jacquelyn Reingold

Directed by: Brooke Kennedy

Episode 407: The Gang Discovers who Killed Jeffrey Epstein”

Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart are hired to investigate the death of high-profile New York inmate Jeffrey Epstein. Back at the office, STR Laurie continues to tighten their grip on the firm by forcing Diane, Adrian and Liz to conduct layoffs. But the enraged trio won’t go down that route without a fight and hatch a plan in hopes of shaking off their corporate overlords once and for all.

Written by: Laura Marks

Directed by: Fred Murphy